Malaika is committed to making positive contributions to the community, and to promoting a democratic way of life based upon justice, equality, respect for all people and opportunity to learn positive life skills that include self-management, interpersonal communication, mentoring, goal setting and effective conflict resolution.


As one of the leading independent child rights Organization, Malaika Orphanage Children Foundation advocates and campaigns for change to realize children’s rights and to ensure that their voices are heard.

What is advocacy?

For Malaika Orphanage Children Foundation, advocacy is the work we do to influence the policies and actions of governments, international institutions and the private sector, in order to achieve positive changes in children’s lives.
Our advocacy and campaigns build on the insights generated by our programs around the world. We know that we can only sustain the impact of our programs, and take that impact to scale, by persuading and challenging governments and other institutions with power and resources to change their own policies and practice. Advocacy encompasses research and policy analysis, lobbying, communications and public campaigning.
In different situations, our advocacy can be focused on securing formal policy changes; driving implementation; or creating an enabling environment for change.