Malaika is committed to making positive contributions to the community, and to promoting a democratic way of life based upon justice, equality, respect for all people and opportunity to learn positive life skills that include self-management, interpersonal communication, mentoring, goal setting and effective conflict resolution.

Aflatoun Child Social and Financial Education:

Aflatoun, an internationally recognized program, utilizes an activity based curriculum to teach children their value as humans, and to emphasize the importance of financial education. The program targets
6-14 year old children giving them an opportunity to save money for a personal financial goal, and to create micro enterprises.

The Aflatoun program focuses on five core areas including personal understanding and exploration, personal rights, saving and spending, planning and budgeting, and participating in social enterprises. The program introduces students to important financial and entrepreneurial concepts such as financial responsibility, social responsibility, savings, and enterprises. In addition to presenting a theoretical context for financial management, children are encouraged to actively manage their money by saving weekly with a specific goal in mind.