Malaika is committed to making positive contributions to the community, and to promoting a democratic way of life based upon justice, equality, respect for all people and opportunity to learn positive life skills that include self-management, interpersonal communication, mentoring, goal setting and effective conflict resolution.

Malaika USA:

Malaika is committed to making positive contributions to the community through a character education and leadership development program established in schools which teaches and promotes a democratic way of life based upon justice, equality, and respect for all people.
Malaika defines character education as the deliberate use of all dimensions of school life to foster optimal character development.
The goals of Character Education and Leadership Program are thus essentially the goals of raising good children: youth, who understand, care about, and act upon the core ethical values (such as diligence, compassion, integrity, and fairness) that make for a productive, just, and democratic society. As they grow in character, young people grow in their capacity and commitment to do their best work, do the right thing, and lead lives of purpose. Effective character education involves creating the kinds of classroom and school environments that enable all students, without exception, to realize their potential to achieve these vital goals.

Malaika teaches young people (ages 6-24) life skills and character education through forming teams in various schools. What makes Malaika effective in building positive character traits in young people is The Malaika Life Skills experience, a curriculum developed by experts in the field of positive youth development and delivered by trained coaches.
Through this program, participants learn about Nine Core Values and how to apply them to life skills and transfer the positive values to everyday life for example Honesty, respect, social responsibility, integrity, team work and excellence.