Malaika is committed to making positive contributions to the community, and to promoting a democratic way of life based upon justice, equality, respect for all people and opportunity to learn positive life skills that include self-management, interpersonal communication, mentoring, goal setting and effective conflict resolution.

Peace, happiness and love to you and your relations this upcoming Christmas and New Year.

To promote the spirit of Christmas amongst our Orphans, Malaika Orphanage Children Foundation, is holding its Christmas Party on December 20, 2014.

In view of this, may we ask for donation from you in cash which you may enthusiastically give to make our Christmas Party more exciting and pleasant? You can also donate by visiting our website at


With sincere admiration, we hope for a positive action to this request.

Truly yours,

Betty Bengo

Founder and Executive

Malaika Orphanage Children Foundation